About kippoems

I am a disabled poet/author. I am a non-speaker; my disability is Cerebral Palsy. In addition, I have to won many awards. Although, I am an author of 2books, their names are [“Kippy’s Poetry, Thoughts, Proses.”] [“Kippy’s vision of the Nature.”] I wrote 4 e-books on a site; the site is [bookrix.com. My e-books are the Heaven’ words, A fallen angel’s voice, One of the nature’s voices, This is for L.D.C.P… Also, I have reading my poetry at local tea - coffeehouses.

The Miracle Of Love

The Miracle Of Love

It is called the sweet magic of love,
That make a soul feel she / he is in heaven above;

And then life begins to feel so beautiful,
So pure, worth-living, absolutely wonderful;

This miracles happened in their life too,
It happened the second a soul has the Spirit heart.


The harmony of heart mind

The harmony of heart mind

The harmony of heart mind is you,
The peace in life is you,
Every souls day need starts with your devotion,
And, ends with your clue,
God thanks for everything,
Thank you almighty lord,
Without your energy,
No one would have survived in life,
No one would have called,
Thank you lord!

Can make or break

Can make or break

Courage can make she /he or break her /him in life,
If a soul have the courage, a spirit will truly survive,
Courage is the test of our strength,
It shows us the way,
It gives us the right reason to have our say,
So, have the right courage to explore,
A soul will get to the right door,
To her /his destiny!

Nothing is truly

Nothing is truly

Nothing is truly constant in life
And everything does change for sure
A human being just has to make an effort
And a soul just have to know
That its courage that will take a spirit too high
So that she / he will reach the sky
And reach the place he /she wished for
Have that courage to go so far
A spirit know what a human being really are!

Courage brings in

Courage brings in

Courage brings in a new passion
And a new drive in a spirit
A soul know that it feels so special
It feels so glad and new
When you strive hard for things
She / he will truly get through
He /she just need to gather that
Special courage in a spirit
So, go out there and achieve it all
A spirit will stand tall!

When The Rain From Heaven

When The Rain From Heaven

When the rain from heaven is pouring down,
And the rays of the sun are breaking through the cloud.
The birds are singing out loud,
While the rainbow appears and spreads all around.
They are throwing colors for a spirit ,
Asking a soul to continue.
Giving up is something everyone can do,
But fighting back requires courage possessed by only a few.
Be one of those few warriors and fight back by dear,
Fight to achieve her / his dreams, fight for success is near!

Life’s A Surprise

Life’s A Surprise

They say, life can amaze a soul ,
For it can bring abrupt changes and turns.
But life is just a joyful ride,
For the one, who with experience learns.

A dream, an ambition, it is all attainable,
All a spirit need to do, is believe.
A hope, some faith, will find its way,
All she / he need is an eye, to perceive.

Story of the dreams in life

Story of the dreams in life

The story of dream is so pretty
A story of dream takes a spirit to another world
Where things get in real
Everything looks so surreal
A soul get to live a life that she/he want to
Some dreams can also be true
A spirit just have to strive for it
Waiting for it to happen bit by bit
Dreams can also be true!

Know how to value of Things

Know how to value things

Know the value of time and a soul shall win
Know what you really want from within
For your wishes will take a spirit closer to success
Success that she/ he desire and is hers / his
For being successful, a soul shall smile
For their every way and every while
See what reflects comes her/ his way
See what truly comes today
Coz success is on the way
And a spirit shall see it soon!

Life Is A Twisted Road

Life Is A Twisted Road

Life is a twisted road dominated by unexpected twists and turns,
However at the end of the day, it is from them that we learn.
And in spite of being so hard to cross,
the flame of hope ensures that a spirit is almost never lost.
So keep the flame of hope always bright and strong,
For as long as hope reigns, nothing can go wrong.

When The Clouds Cover The Sky

When The Clouds Cover The Sky

When the clouds cover the sky,
and the rain begins to pour from a height.
When it gets all dark outside,
And a soul just wish a spirit could stay at home and hide.
A silver lining suddenly forms around the cloud,
And almost immediately the quite turns into loud.
The sun peeks right through and the rainbow makes its entrance,
It is the most beautiful sight, it is the perfect time for romance.
Love is suddenly back in the air,
It is smiling through heaven with pride and flare.
While the darkness is no where now,
It is taken over by light and the earth is smiling again.
For no darkness is here to stay forever,
Sooner or later light will surely arrive however.

Calming effect

Calming effect

The calming effect of the winds,
The brightness of the sun,
Nature is so much at ease,
Nature is so much fun,
If a Spirit love nature, then please do her / his bit,
Conserve the nature, before it’s too late,
The effect of global warming will take its toll,
Everything will get destroyed, everything will roll, So, save the nature!