Smell Success

Smell Success

Sometimes the success could be good or dangerous for human beings.
Success will come easy,
To those who are determined,
To those who have a strong will,
If you have the required skill,
Nothing can stop you,
You will be successful in all your endeavors,
Success will come easy,
If you try hard,
It’s all about making a new start!
You need to have be careful with your successes


In Life there are

In life there are

In life, there are some situations,
Which make us more fragile,
There are clouds of darkness all over,
There is nothing to smile,
Courage helps us to change the situation,
By following our way,
Go out there in the crowd,
To have your say!

It just takes a while

It just takes a while

It just takes one positive thought to change
It takes a chance to do something new
Come out of the shadows of the blue
Do the impossible, so can you
Trust your mind it is never so wrong
You will know that you are strong
You have to smile for yourself
And get with this
It’s one thing you will never miss
Try to keep smiling, stay positive in your lifetime

Life Is A Twisted Road 0.5

Life Is A Twisted Road 0.5

Life is a twisted road dominated by unexpected twists and turns,
However at the end of the day, it is from them that we learn.
And in spite of being so hard to cross,
the flame of hope ensures that a human being could be never lost.
So keep the flame of hope always bright and strong,
For as long as hope reigns, nothing can go wrong.

Nothing can scare You

Nothing can scare you

Nothing in this world can scare you,
If a spirit have the courage to behold
Each human being must know her / his worth in life
Why do you want to strive
When the answers are all clear
You would know where you wish to go
You will know for sure
You have that courage within you
You just have to discover it through!

Faith and Hungry drives us To

Faith and hungry drives us to

Faith and hungry drives us to impossible things in life,
They keep us moving ahead
They give a new meaning to strive
You know the road for sure
After the struggle is over
Faith and hungry makes us happy in the end
They all in the mind, nothing to pretend
Keep the faith and hungry going!

Human beings should be Kind

Human beings should be very kind

You being kind to people
Would only earn you brownie points
Let them do what they want to do
You just need to be calm and kind
It’s like a high being as you are
You will be remembered as the shining star
The one whose always kind
The one who is way too bright
Your good deeds will pay you well in life
So be all kind!

Calming Effects

Calming effect

The calming effect of the winds,
The brightness of the sun,
The rain is refreshing to all souls
Nature is so much at ease,
Nature is so much fun,
If someone love nature, then please do her / his bit,
Conserve the nature, before it’s too late,
The effect of global warming will take its toll,
Everything will get destroyed, everything will roll, So, save the nature!

It is not an act to see

It is not an act to see

Kindness is not an act, which a soul have to learn
It comes from within a person know
When a human being help others in solidarity
When a soul show remorse to things
When a soul don’t find fault in others
When a person stay rounded to being
Being kind will make her/ him a better person
Being kind will show a person like a star
Kindness is good she / he know
It will surely take a human being so far!
Be kind!

Wonderful Rain

Wonderful rains

The wonderful feeling of the rain,
Souls tend to forget all human being’s pain,
The pitter patter drops falling on a person,
It takes a spirit to another world so new,
Oh! Why rains make a soul feel so nice,
It’s a great feeling looking at the falling rain,
She / he tend to forget all their worries and pain!

Colour of soul’s Life

Colors of Soul’s life

The trees of nature depict colors of life,
Every color is a symbol of strive,
In autumn, the leaves so dry,
Depicts the state of cry,
In summer, the blossomed leaves,
The message is surely deep,
In rains, the green-blue color so bright,
It depicts that life is beautiful, so forget the fright!

The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain

The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence. This sound alone eases away stress and makes everything outside look more calm and quiet. Every human beings need some rain in their lives. Their soul needs to be refreshing. The sound of rain is great for helping one to fall asleep and for covering background noises.

Courage does not really

Courage does not really

Courage does not always mean the roar
It can sometimes be the little voice,
It means that a person have that spirit
To say things that are on her / his mind
Courage is not a thing to find
Each person have that in them,
She/ he just have to find it for her/him
So that a spirit can see the change
Each human beings can see the very new
Find that in them!

Souls should Never Ending Dreams

Souls should Never Ending Dreams

Our dreams are never-ending, they are not few,
So stop wasting time anymore, there is so much do.
Don’t sit behind with folded hands any more,
Brand new opportunities are knocking her / his door.
Get up, walk outside and start moving towards her / his goals,
Don’t be scared even if their pocket is filled with holes.
Even if her / his dreams are never-ending, and ideas are few,
You do have the capability to make them come true

Things that change in life

Things that change in life

Things change with time and reasons leave
Things get prolonged in every bit
If everyone have to patience to surpass the test
A spirit will reach that awesome fest
Where soul will smile and break all though
Where a human being will get only the new
So hang on there and smile
This is just for a while!

Life is a game

Life is a game

Life is a gamble,
So a human being better play their turn,
So what if destiny is uncertain and stern,
Thoughts in mind, and never be down,
There is nothing to complain and blame,
Life is just a game,
So, keep that smile on her / his face,
And, à soul will win through the race,
Life is a gamble, so play their game,
Go ahead and make your name!

The Life is like a Mystery

The Life is like a mystery

Life is a mystery still a soul want to solve
Life is a period a thing to evolve
Life is a drama where the stage is set
It’s just the characters have to be prepared
Life is a blessing if a spirit take it positive
It’s a curse if its negative
The many shades of life which she / he have seen
To things that are set to be
To things that she / he wish to see
That is life for everyone !

Happiness in hand

Happiness in hand

Each human beings ought heard that happiness comes in hand,
But, opening their fist,
A person found the flowing sand,
Her / his passions are her / his chase in life,
Life is though difficult to survive,
But,a spirit is hopeful to find their way,
And a soul is hopeful to have her / his say,
Some people know life will get back to them one day,
That would be a new day!

Live each day

Live each day

This person thinks we’re human beings,
But, we don’t act like as human beings sometimes
We all are busy in life,
Busy with day, struggles and strive,
We all are busy with hope in heart,
To get that right first start,
We miss out on life each day,
Where we could have our say,
So, live each moment as new,
Where life would feel to be true!

This is the Time To

This Is The Time To

This is the time to succeed.
This is the time to talk with hearts.
This is the time to singing to souls.
This is the time to thanking for the life.
This is the time to create.
This is the time to inspire.
This is the time to think.
This is the time to work.
This is the time to befriend.
This is the time to accomplish.
This is the time to enjoy.
This is the time to adore.
This is the time to love.
This is the time to care.
This is the time to dream.
This is the time to live a great life.

Nature Beauties

Natural Beauties

Natural beauty is so enticing,
It captivates the attention, it’s so mesmerizing,
The amazing sun is shining on faces,
The nature music brings peace to restlessness souls,
The vivid lake and the sky,
It looks so good and high,
The beautiful scenic view,
Everything seems awesome and new,
Everything is as beautiful as the dew!

The Nature is so wonderful

The Nature is so wonderful

The chirping birds make sound so sweet,
The clear blue sky oh! So high,
The lake and river his so deep and intense,
The gently music is flowing into the atmosphere,
The many gardens and their fence,
The Skyline so big and huge,
The forests giving out some clues,
The intensity of the wind and air,
Tells human beings , look around, something is there,
Yes, A person is nature, and love her / his to the core,
Yes, souls are the nature

My family has taught me how be belonging in the World

My family has taught me how be belonging in the World

My family has taught me the importance of sharing,
Mom and have taught me caring,
My brother has taught be to be strong,
My mom, brothers , uncles, aunts, cousins and friends has corrected me on my wrong,
Without the support of my family, I won’t survive,
Coz my family is amazing, they are my life!