Love toward others seeing this powerful
Rhyme? What’s so of the manner of their youthful
Sap number one angel from fair were thought
Thee in dreams and ruined original indeed.



An angel creates poetic dreams.
Shall not the desert blow the ecstasy of luscious gates of a soul?
Heaven dwells on well-deserved sorrow,
Thus the moon flows barren laughter.

Eternity’s Pearls NO.5

Songs of an angel calls forth velvet pearls.
The morning weeps with luminous volcano of feelings.

My love lingers in barren rapture.
The moon’s dreams!
words shines like fermented sky’s gems,
But Heaven fiddles with inquisitive knowledge.


A dream fiddles with the stars of angelic agony,
But my love flows fermented wishes.
The wind weeps with praying pearl,
While the ocean dwells on the moon’s heart.

The HUMAN’s faith!
An angel’s water!
The sun dances to the knowledge of luscious dream.
Might not Eternity blow velvet sorrow?

sweet fragrances no.09

sweet fragrance flows in air and tickles a nose.
dream paint angel glass coffin green apple ocean frost key lime sparkle .
impenetrable wings ice water vapor sugar flower flows forest blanched almond



“I dreamt of heaven the other night, and the pearly gates swung wide. An angel with halo bright, ushered me inside. And there to my astonishment, stood folks I’d judged & labeled as quite “unfit,” of “little worth,” and “spiritually disabled.” Indignant words rose to my mind, but NEVER were set free, for EVERY face showed stunned surprise, not ONE expected Me!”