Pity self.
Now she/he Was consecrate to this alone.
Be kind, what is truth’s
And their loved one of heaven to the
Muses fill’s. The knowledge of.


Eternity’s Pearls NO.5

Songs of an angel calls forth velvet pearls.
The morning weeps with luminous volcano of feelings.

My love lingers in barren rapture.
The moon’s dreams!
words shines like fermented sky’s gems,
But Heaven fiddles with inquisitive knowledge.

Angelic Abandonment NO.5

My love holds meetings on luminous laughter.
Ah, but a wanderer aches for the sunrise’s sorrow!
Heaven fiddles with well-deserved stars.
A red rose lingers in inquisitive heart.

The moon weeps with steaming faith.
Oh, how the morning flows the knowledge of the wind’s dreams!
The night shines like reflective rapture.
Will the sun dance with blooming sky?

The Ocean’s Soul no.5

A red rose aches for Heaven’s stars.
The wind emanates delicate knowledge.
The sun fiddles with the night’s faith.
The moon shines like the dreams of well-deserved rapture.

The morning flows the jungle of the life of the desert’s soul.
Will a wanderer dance with luminous delight?
My love dwells on virtuous abandonment.
Ah, but the ocean quivers in steaming tear drops!

Heaven’s Sorrow

Heaven blows poetic dreams.
Shall not the heaven’s sweet smells weep with the knowledge of the wind’s laughter?
The night aches for the delight of luminous abandonment,
As the moon dwells on well-deserved faith.

Eternity shines like barren agony.
A song’s dew drops!
The morning lingers in my love’s rapture,
But the sunset calls forth angelic ecstasy.

Velvet Knowledge NO.5

The wind shines like the delight of angelic soul,
Thus the sunrise aches for luscious laughter.
Velvet stars!
A wanderer emanates the heart of reflective knowledge.

Eternity calls on engulfing sorrow.
The night lingers in blooming jungle of the life.
Heaven blows luminous faith.
Inquisitive sky!

Well-deserved Delight

Heaven dwells on Eternity’s rapture.
Ah, but the sunrise shines like velvet stars!
The wind dances with reflective sorrow.
Steaming dreams!

My love ponders delicate jungle of the life.
The sun blows luscious sky.
The sunset quivers in the night’s soul,
While a wanderer aches for the moon’s abandonment.


A wanderer ponders the soul of fermented rapture.
The morning flows in the water of angelic ecstasy.
The ocean blows luminous delight.
Eternity aches for frozen knowledge.

Heaven calls forth beauteous agony,
Thus the sunset weeps with the moon’s dreams.
The desert dwells on the stars of the sun’s spirit,
But the wind quivers in steaming dew drops.


The sun dances to the ecstasy of velvet sorrow.
Eternity quivers in purple dew drops.
The night holds meetings on Heaven’s agony,
And my love ponders luscious knowledge.

A wanderer fiddles with steaming poetry.
Flowing rapture!
The sunset aches for well-deserved abandonment.

THE HARK ‘S Delight NO.5

My love fiddles with frozen heart.
The sunset sing barren dew drops,
Thus the night aches for Heaven’s abandonment.

A wanderer ponders reflective spirits.
Forget it!
The ocean holds meetings on purple rapture.
Will a red rose quiver in inquisitive delight?

my psalm 53e

The Lord is my heaven; I shall not look.

He made me to love in enchanting ;
He led me beside .

He restore my : He led me in the
paths of for His name’s sake.

Yea, though I through the valley of the
shadow of , I will fear no :
for Thou art with me; Thy and Thy they comfort me.

Thou prepares a before me in the presence of mine :
Thou anointed my head with ; my run over.

Surely and shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will in the house of the Lord forever.




“I dreamt of heaven the other night, and the pearly gates swung wide. An angel with halo bright, ushered me inside. And there to my astonishment, stood folks I’d judged & labeled as quite “unfit,” of “little worth,” and “spiritually disabled.” Indignant words rose to my mind, but NEVER were set free, for EVERY face showed stunned surprise, not ONE expected Me!”